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Blake or Jordin?: American Idol Final Predictions.

Aside from the Sanjaya nonsense, I’ve been fairly pleased with the crop of singers on American Idol this year. Of course, there were those first few weeks where some of the singers that were included left a lot to be desired, but for the most part, I think this group was pretty strong. It was definitely the best final three that I’ve seen, and last night was a terrific final.

That being said, I’m going to state what I feel is obvious:

Blake, though he is an extremely talented performer with a great career ahead of him, will not be this year’s American Idol winner.

I think Jordin has it in the bag, and will probably win by a less-than-small margin.

I thought halfway through the season that it would probably be Blake and Jordin in the end (don’t think I posted that thought here though), but I also knew that anything could happen, and would not have been surprised if it had been Melinda and Jordin or some other combination. I will, however, be a little surprised if Jordin does not win.

No matter what the outcome, they both are two of the most likable finalists that I remember seeing, and I say “Congratulations on a job well done” to both of them.

And I’m bummed that Heroes is now over. I’ll be pining all summer for Season 2.

I know that was totally unrelated.


Too cool.

Check out this awesome drummer.

The video is here.

American Idol predictions 13.

I’ll keep it short and sweet.

This is probably the best final three American Idol has ever had. Not only are Blake, Jordin and Melinda incredibly talented, but they delivered flawless performances last night. No one’s nerves got the best of them; there were no glaring mistakes. The song choices were pinpoint-accurate for each of them, showcasing the best of their vocal abilities.

That being said, each of them deserves a place in the finals. However, there can only be two, so I’m going to predict that it will be Melinda and Jordin.

I won’t be shocked or disappointed if I am wrong.

American Idol predictions 12.

After a pretty good show last week, this week’s show left me a little deflated. The song choices were not all that great, and the finalists did not sing at their best.

…Well, Melinda did. She was great vocally, as usual, but her first song was pretty boring. The second song was much better, but still not all that exciting. Nevertheless, I think she’s a shoe-in for the semi-finals.

The other shoe-in is Jordin. Her first song was the best performance of the night, and although she seemed to be yelling in the second song, I don’t think that will hurt her at all. She has been solid throughout the competition, and her consistency has been second only to Melinda’s.

That leaves Blake and Lakisha.


I like both of them, and I hate to see either of them go, but I am going to predict that we’ll be saying goodbye to Lakisha. She just about lost her voice at the end there, and she has no teeny-bopping fans or hip beat-box gimmicks to save her. Blake’s performances might not have been the greatest, but they still weren’t bad and he’s got the coolness factor going for him.

Love the Bee-Gees!

The end!

We’ve reached the end of another year! Our chorus concert is tomorrow evening, and I am excited. My chorus has done a wonderful job this year, and I know they are going to sing beautifully tomorrow. Next year the schedule may be a little different, with us meeting in the morning instead of from 2-3. That way, more people can join without having conflicts with band or orchestra.

Congratulations to you guys. I am very proud of you, and you should be pleased with the work that you have done. Knock ’em dead tomorrow (does anyone even say that anymore? “Knock ’em dead??”) and have a wonderful simmer!

…That’s summer.

I need to go to bed now.

American Idol predictions 11.

Cool. Good night of performances.

Phil sang as well as he did on country night, which was great. It was a big power song, but he still managed to sound relaxed as he did it. He seemed right at home singing Bon Jovi.

Lakisha! She’s back in all her splendor! Excellent performance. (And I loved her comment about how she’s heard of Bon Jovi thanks to seeing him on Oprah! lol)

And Melinda. In all her Tina-Turner-ish goodness. What can be said about her that hasn’t already been said by everyone? She’s anointed.

Even these three powerhouse performances couldn’t top, in my opinion, the best display of originality, creativity, and talent of the night: Blake.

Simon’s comment for him was spot-on. Blake’s performance will be loved by some, hated by others. I loved it. What a re-mix! The bit at the beginning where he made the sounds of a record being put on a turntable and starting was ingenious. A truly incredible creative mind he has, and not to mention a smooth, pleasant,  almost crooning voice that is reminiscent of Jamiroquai and a little Maroon 5.


Jordin didn’t do great, but she’s still great, and she still has some momentum from her emotionally-charged performance last week, I think.

Who will go home? That’s a tough call, but I think that since it’s tonight’s results coupled with last week’s, the unsafe ones are Phil, Lakisha, and Chris. It may be Phil and Chris’ swan song.

I could be wrong. I have been before.

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I saw this picture on a blog called I Can Has Cheezburger. I like Matisyahu, so I thought it was a cute picture.