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Hello world!

This is my new weblog, posting updates for my school and information for all of my students. I founded the Reverence Institute of Music back at the end of May. I also teach music at two other schools, and I direct a homeschool chorus, which will begin on September 8. I currently am teaching voice to fourteen students, and I have one flute student. I do not despise small beginnings; I am grateful for every student that is coming my way.

The plan was to have a monthly or quarterly newsletter. I may still do that, but blogging is so much more convenient for me, and it’s free. So many of my students have easy access to the net (several of them have their own MySpace or Xanga accounts), so they can access this blog and not run the risk of losing a piece of paper. Hard copies do have their place though, and I certainly do love PAPER. Perhaps I’ll just do both.


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