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For all of my RIM students, I want to inform you that I’ll be moving at the end of the month.

I’m not moving far. In fact, I’m not even moving out of my apartment complex.

When we moved up here last year, we moved into a three-bedroom apartment because I was pregnant and we figured we’d need a nursery.

Did my son ever sleep in the nursery? No.

Where does he sleep? With us.

So, our lease is up. We renewed our lease but decided to move to a smaller apartment. We’re moving into a two-bedroom. Whenever we decide that it’s time for the baby to not sleep in our room anymore, he can just share a room with big brother for the time being until we buy a house. This is just better for us; we’re going to save a couple hundred dollars every month.

Saving money is always nice.

How does this affect you? We may need to do some creative rescheduling during the week that I am actually moving, which is the 29th and a few days after. I will let you know about scheduling options closer to that time.


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