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Lip secrets.

“The first in a series of booklets on vocal technique by acclaimed voice teacher/guru,…”

Yes, I’m kidding. About the title. And the description. But not about the possibility of publishing some small literature on the subject of proper vocal technique, in the near or distant future.

There’s so much to explain and share with my kids, ten weeks really isn’t enough time. Not for a serious vocal coaching class. But that’s what we’re working with.

I think I will post a page at a time on what we’ve discussed in class, so that I can cover it in as much depth as I want, and so that the students can go back and review it as needed. I can also fill in any gaps with need-to-know information that we may not get to in class

The first day back at Master’s Academy/Marietta was a blur. I was dog tired when I got home yesterday. My voice was tired. And I had more students in my vocal coaching class than I anticipated. But I’m excited about that. Maybe they’ll all stick around for Show Choir next semester, and put those newly-trained vocal chops to work. No pressure.


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