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This is what ALL of my vocal students need–you know who you are:

  • a small notebook or journal, writing utensil

In your notebook, one page will be your Assignment List, which will have new exercises added to it probably every week. You will be expected to practice everything on the Assignment List weekly until it is evident that you are proficient enough to have exercises removed. Once an exercise is removed from the Assignment List you will not be required to practice it weekly; only as a spot-check whenever technical problems arise.

Another page in your notebook will be your Practice Log. You are required to record the amount of time you practice each week. Please follow this model:

  • Friday, 15 September. 30 mins.
  • Saturday, 16 September. 1 hr.
  • Monday, 18 September. 20 mins.

The minimum requirement is 45 minutes each week. Keep in mind that this is the MINIMUM requirement. I expect you to practice more than that! If you cannot find time to practice, I may need to start offering time-management consulting at premium rates.

These requirements are for your benefit so that you can grow as vocalists and musicians. You can never expect to get better at your craft if you do not put in any work. Nothing ever stays the same; “it” will always get better or worse. Put forth the effort to ensure that it gets better.


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