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Small beginnings. Again.

My Woodstock Masterkey class has only four students in it–all girls. This is the second year in a row it’s been this small.

It’s only the second year it’s existed.

Last year we started out with five, then one of the girls moved. We lost two more at the end of the year, but gained the two new ladies we have now.

During the summer I wondered if we would have enough students to do the choir thing. We don’t. But these ladies aren’t shy, and that’s good, because we can do a solo recital thing. And they have all year to prepare.

We’re doing sixteen weeks of vocal coaching and sixteen weeks of music theory, alternating subjects every week. They will be expected to perform a solo and write an original composition at the end of the year. Then next year, hopefully, we can add enough people to the group to do the choir thing.

Who knows? Maybe in a couple of years we’ll have some Artios kids who will major in Music.



  Gracie L wrote @

hello! I really like this one. (the background thing) Also, I will not be there next Wednesday, I will be in Flordia. I will still practise, though it might be hard… =) have a good week!

  npbradshaw wrote @

you too. get all the fun in the sun that you can!

  Gracie L wrote @

hello, I was looking at my assignments yesterday, and I didn’t write down the newest one that you gave us, could you tell me the name of it please? thanks!

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