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So, so tired…

Okay, so when I got home yesterday evening I had all these lofty goals of posting to all three of my blogs, and finishing up one or both of my articles for this blog.

Did I do any of that? No.

I was just TOO TIRED.

EXHAUSTED is more like it. Man, Mondays are KICKING MY BUTT!

I’ve got to get on the ball, take some multivitamins or protein shakes or something. I can’t keep feeling this run-down every Monday once I get home. I almost fell asleep while driving home! What is that?

Maybe chocolate will help.



  Coco wrote @

Hey Mrs. Bradshaw. I really like the site. While I was practicing breathing exercises today, my mom(who has taken some voice) told me that I wasn’t breathing properly from my diaphragm. She said that when you breathe in, your stomach should puff slightly because your diaphragm is filling with air and when you breathe out, your stomach flattens as your diaphragm empties itself of air. I have been doing it opposite and having my diaphragm go in when I breath in, and out when I breathe out. Which one is right?

  Ashley Hazel wrote @

Konichiwa Mrs.Bradshaw! I luff the site! I feel really bad that you’re drop dead tired every monday *tear* …and you right, chocolate will help. Chocolate is the answer to EVERY THING! (well almost).Maybe if you drink Mountain Dew like in the middle of the day, you’ll be wide awake (or maybe that just works for me?) Well i hope you find something that helps you not fall asleep while driving!

  npbradshaw wrote @

hey guys!

i mean ladies!

glad to hear you like the current design. i’ve got three votes for it so far. i really like it too.

coco, to answer your question: when you inhale, your diaphragm flattens out (it doesn’t fill up with air; the lungs actually do that). then, upon exhaling, the diaphragm goes back up to its normal position. it does these things naturally. your diaphragm will also flatten slightly when you blow a strong puff of air, which is what we’ve been practicing. so if your diaphragm is going in when you inhale, or when you do the breathing exercises, that is incorrect.

  Merrilee LaVilla wrote @

Darn it! Everyone knows that you can’t say the words ‘hot chocolate’ around me! I love chocolate and everything about it, and now becuase you said the words, ‘hot chocolate,’ I WANT SOME! Don’t worry, I think I’ll live through this! Love ya!

  npbradshaw wrote @

indeed. hot chocolate sounds yum right about now. but alas, it’s a wee bit too late for me. i’m rainchecking myself on a cup for tomorrow. or, i guess i should say, later on this morning.

wow i’m tired.

  Leah Marie Diamond wrote @

Hi, Mrs. Bradshaw

It’s me Leah Marie Davey from the (Diamond class) third hour. I can’t have the hole hot chocolate I have to have onely half a pack!!! To rick for me. The hole pack… Can we put pic… along with the home work? and also about the sikers how meny stickers do I need? Also when do I show it to you to get gift cards? or who do I show that to? love yah!!! ~*Leah Marie*~

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