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Extreme Makeover, Blog Edition.

Okay. It’s time for Contestant #2.

I’m not sure if I like this one better than the previous one; what do you think?



  Hope Endrenyi wrote @

I have no idea which one is better. They both look really good. But i sort of like the other one because this color is making me depressed.(he he he) but then again I really really really like the swirlies at the top of the page. So, I dont know. And also, on the september 27 log, im so lost. I have absolutly no idea what ur talking about. Maybe its because im blonde. Dont know! So if you could explain that in class that would be swell. And yes, i just used the word swell. I love that word! its so fun to say! SWELL! he he he! Anyways, I think that’s it. Wow i left you a really long message. Oh well! It’s all swell!! he he he!

  Hope Endrenyi wrote @

ummm… i dont really have anything to say, I just feel all cool typing and having the most coments on the page. Plus, im bored, even though i have tons of stuff to do. Im just stalling i guess, well i already know im your favorite student mrs. Bradshaw so i dont have to put any more comments!! ha ha ha! yeah right! (about the comments, im still your favorite student. im not kidding. Just kidding! im kidding! i know you started to believe me! see, that’s how good of an actor i am! you believe me over the computer!!! he he ha ha! Anyways, gotta go do homework. ummm…eww. But alas, i have to (tear tear sniff sniff)
Love ya!

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