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Register blending.

What the heck is that??

We talked about this in class Monday. You want to be able to negotiate the “breaks” in your voice without sounding awkward.

“What breaks?” you ask?

Those points where you switch from one register to another. You have a low register, a middle register and a high register. The high and low registers are better known as the head and chest registers.

You also want each register to sound like the others. In other words, your voice should sound uniform from top to bottom. You shouldn’t sound “heavy” in the chest register and “light” in the head register. Nor should you sound “big” in the head register and “small” in the chest register.

Thus the register blending exercise. It’s actually called the Chromatic Register Blending Exercise. I can’t remember if I hyphenated somewhere in there. Oh well. This is the exercise where we hit every pitch in a scale, concentrating on every pitch sounding (in quality) like the pitch before it. We trill it first, then sing it on ‘nyoo-ee.’

Yes, ‘nyoo-ee.’

There’s a purpose behind that, and it’s not just to sound silly. I’ll make a note to myself to explain the purpose in class next week. In the meantime, refer to your notes (if you took any, you slackers!) and practice your stuff!

Love you guys! 


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