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Work. (Or the lack thereof, in my case.)

I have vegged out since I got home. I watched the first X-Men movie. Now I want to sleep.

But I can’t go without updating you on what to do for practice.

You can remove the breathing exercises from your Assignment List. The Alphabet stays. Continue with the trilling, ninging, and humming. Also continue with the Chromatic Register Blending Exercise.

The new exercises added today were singing the scale staccato and legato, on different vowels. The vowels are ee, oo, oh, and ah. You will put ‘ny’ before each of them, and do them in that order.

All of these exercises will be checked next week. There is one more exercise that I will introduce before I assign your piece for Juries. The Juries will happen the last two weeks of the term. Remember, how well you practice these exercises will prepare you for being able to sing the jury piece well, or at least as well as possible given the amount of time we have had.

Be sure to give your input on the jury piece you would like for me to select for the class. You can give your vote for an English, Italian, or Latin piece. I welcome your input; however, whatever decision I ultimately make will be final.

I’d better stop typing now while I am still relatively coherent.



  Hope Endrenyi wrote @

Pick italian! I always wanted to sing in a different language. Plus, it would sound a lot better than just plain english. The crowd would go wild with “oooh’s” and “ahhh’s”! Ok maybe not, but you get the drift.Wow, i defenitly sounded like my mom. I’m scared.Where did i get “drift” from? Oh well. I dont know where i get a lot of things from! Anyways, Pick Italian!

  Ashley Hazel wrote @

…Hope you have issues…i also think we should sing in Italian!!! It would sound much better.(even though whatever i sing is awsome! lol just kiddn’)

  Merrilee LaVilla wrote @

Yes! I agree with both of you, Ashley and Hope! I’ve always wanted to sing in another language! Have us sing in Italian! Oh goody, goody! I can’t wait!
By the way, I won’t be here next week. My family and I are going on a cruise to Mexico! Go me! See you suckers after I come back spoiled from Mexico! *gives evil laugh*

  npbradshaw wrote @

oh my gosh. i’m jealous. i wanna go to mexico. take me too! i haven’t been in years.

seriously though, you’ll have lots of fun. and i totally could hear your evil laugh.

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