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There were only two ladies in class last week. That’s HALF the class. So for the other half, you were sorely missed! I knew the circumstances though so I wasn’t surprised you weren’t there or anything. Here’s what we did:

We went over the breathing exercises. You will be required to practice them one more week and then I will take them off of the assignment list.

We reviewed support and its importance in singing well. We then went on to discuss focused versus unfocused sound. I added two new exercises to the assignment list. Those exercises are similar to the trilling exercise in that they are both vocalizing on the 9-11 scale, but one is an ‘ng’ hum (ninging) and the other is a regular closed hum. You do the ‘ng’ hum first then the closed hum. I will demonstrate these exercises in two weeks, but go ahead and put them on your assignment lists and one of the other girls may be able to help you on Wednesday.

This Wednesday is theory day. Woohoo! Fun fun fun!

Isn’t it always fun with me?


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  Gracie L wrote @

I love this one!! it is so pretty.

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