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Cool find.

Check out this website:


It’s listed by Time Magazine as one of this year’s 50 Coolest Websites. Here’s the blurb:

Type in the name of your favorite band, and within moments the site will be streaming a radio station, featuring songs from that band and others like it, to your desktop through your browser — no registration and no downloads required. You can “tune” the play list by using the thumbs-up and thumbs-down buttons. A new Backstage section is a searchable directory of artists and albums — “your door to the music universe” — courtesy of the Music Genome Project. –Maryanne Murray Buechner



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  Leah Marie (Diamond class) wrote @

it is me Leah Davey from the (D) class! you know how I showed you my homework on monday? well you told me to have my teacher-aid stamp it for you, well I forgot to have you do that so is it ok if the stamps the coming week for lask weeks homework? e-mail me back @ ( thanks see you monday!

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