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Homework update.

For lack of a better title, because it really isn’t “homework” in the purest sense…

It’s optional, not mandatory.

As I explained in class yesterday, each assignment that I give will be DUE THE FOLLOWING WEEK, no exceptions. If you let me know ahead of time that you will not be in class the next week, or if you are absent due to sickness or something, then obviously you cannot turn the work in until two weeks after the assignment is given. In that case, two weeks later is when the assignment is due, no exceptions.

All homework turned in when it is due will get at least one stamp, unless your mother did it and you didn’t. That means, printing stuff off of the internet is fine, but be ready to tell me about what you have printed. If you really have not put any effort at all into what you are showing me, you will not get a stamp. Remember, this work will go into your music notebooks along with your photo album, as additional information on composers or music in general. It will enrich your notebook and serve as a resource that you can use whenever you need to. So, it should be useful information. Printing random stuff off of Google really isn’t going to help you, especially when I know you won’t ever look at it again.

The assignment for this week is as follows:

Pick a topic and find some information on it. The available topics are:

  • What is Mariachi music?
  • the music of Liberia in the Romantic period
  • the music of Ireland in the Romantic period 

 The internet is not your only option for research. You CAN still use books! Or encyclopedias. Just be sure that you are learning something from the information that you find. If you write anything, be sure to include your source (where did you find this information?) It doesn’t have to be a lot; one page is plenty.

I will not be assigning homework every week, so don’t freak out. And remember, this is all OPTIONAL, not mandatory. I realize that everyone has busy schedules and plenty of work to do each week (I know I do). This is just something supplemental to beef up your notebooks that much more and give you extra opportunities to earn stamps.


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