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Italian diction.

To review the pronunciation rules we went over in class–

  1. When you have double consonants, each consonant gets its “moment in the spotlight.” Linger on the first, lean into the second.
  2. All singular consonants that would be hard in English are soft in Italian. Think T’s, D’s, P’s and so on. Make them all soft, sort of like un-enunciating.
  3. Sing with the five pure vowel sounds only: ah, eh, ee, oh, oo. No dipthongs. (This really applies to other languages as well when singing–German, Spanish, Latin, even English. In English, the natural dipthongs are added at the very ends of words; you do not wade your way through them.)
  4. There are two types of E (‘eh’). The open E (looks like a backwards 3 in your music) sounds like the E in ‘men’ and the closed E (looks like a regular ‘e’) sounds like ‘gain’ or ‘ale.’ This is the closest you will come to a dipthong.
  5. When the letter C is followed by E or I, it sounds like ‘ch.’
  6. ‘Che’ is pronounced ‘keh.’

Look over your music every day, and practice saying the words. On Monday we will sing the song with just the vowels of the text. See you then.


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