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You guys did great yesterday.

…I mean Monday. Sheesh, is it Wednesday ALREADY? Yikes.

Hope you all had a fun time getting candy yesterday, if you do that stuff. I gave gum to my private students. Bobby went trick-or-treating for the first time with a friend from Woodstock Master’s and spent the night. So I guess I’ll hear the blow-by-blow (if there is one) later on this afternoon. He went as James Bond. Easy costume.

I have a friend who has a three month-old baby and she dressed him up in this adorable pea in a pod costume and took him to the grocery store and photographed him laying on the vegetable shelf! It was too cute! It never occurred to me to dress Ian up as anything, because we don’t really DO halloween, if you know what I mean. But after seeing my friends pictures, that may have been fun…

Anywho, I’m digressing. Back to my point. You guys are doing great. I’m really impressed with your progress. Mrs. Wasby told me in the hall Monday that you guys sound awesome, and you do. I can’t believe we’re already on the words! You guys are singing in Italian! And you don’t speak Italian! How cool is that? You’re releasing! Embracing! Loving! Creaming!…

Again, good work. Do keep impressing me, by all means.

And remember the shameless plug.


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  Katie wrote @

hey mrs bradshaw this is katie from artios. i had an idea that maybe our vocal coaching class could do this christmas season, if not next. In some of my old schools we were able to send christmas-grams to our friends. that is where for a small donation (maybe a dollar) you can send a christmas carol to one of your friends with a brief message. then a group of three or four vocal coaching students will go to their last period class and sing to them then read the message that they had. its a lot of fun and also a great way to make money for the school. if we did it this year we could have people signing up on monday dec. 4th and on the morning of dec. 11th and then we could sing to them in last period. but then again maybe not…….i jukst thought it was a cute idea you might be interested in…..8-)

peace out,


(that e-mail adress is my moms but if you e-mail me back i will get it…..i’ve only checked my own e-mail adress like once so thats why i didnt put it)

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