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Well, our Fall Concert is finally upon us, and I am looking forward to hearing the end result of the chorus’ hard work tonight. I just hope I can talk. My boys and I have been feeling under the weather all of this week, due to the flip-flopping weather we have been having as of late. There were those two days of Indian Summer last week, and though I love the warm weather, I do not like it (nor does my body like it) when the weather shifts dramatically and suddenly. It has been hot, cold, then rainy, hot, cold, then rainy, for two weeks now. Yesterday it rained all day, and we got so much rain that there were flash-flood warnings in several areas of the city. Not exactly the kind of weather into which one wants to drag the kids.

Unfortunately, I had no choice, and it made our under-the-weather conditions that much worse. Not that we haven’t been taking measures to stay well; we have. It’s just been a losing battle the past few days.

Of course, this isn’t to say that I can’t make it to the concert. That is certainly not the case. Besides, who would direct? That would be a disaster. I just may not have much of a voice, and that’s a drag, because I need to be able to SPEAK!

I’m popping Strawberry Halls and Riccolas.

I’m ever-the-trooper.


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