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Totally unrelated musings.

Okay. Well, they’re not TOTALLY unrelated, because they do have to do with music. Keep in mind, these are my PERSONAL opinions; you are under no obligation whatsoever to agree…

  1. The Police reunion on the Grammys. I LOVE the Police. I’m glad they’re kickin it again.
  2. Prince. I LOVE Prince. I was bummed that I missed his Super Bowl halftime show. I used to have almost all of his albums. Now, after years of moving around, I have none. It’s time to restock everything I once had, especially his greatest album, Sign O’ The Times. I hear 3121 is great too.
  3. The Grammys. A disappointment. Aside from some great performances (The Police, Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown, John Mayer-John Legend-Corinne Bailey Rae), it was a bust. I really wish these awards ceremonies were based on actual artistic merit and not people’s politics.
  4. American Idol. I’ll be posting my take on each week’s performances. For now, let me just say that I expect the Sundance guy, the Janis-Joplin-sounding blonde girl with the pierced tongue, and the female backup singer to be among the frontrunners. We’ll see how right I am. I’ve been pretty good at picking who the finalists would be, and even the winners. I began watching it with the Season 2 Final, having never seen any of the previous shows. I called Ruben as the winner. I watched the next season from the beginning. I called Fantasia as the winner, though I thought Latoya and Jennifer would be (and should have been) the other two finalists. The next season, I called Carrie, Bo, and Constantine as the finalists. I honestly thought Bo would walk away with it, but Carrie is a good singer and it’s not shocking that she won. Last year was strange. I called Chris as the winner from the moment I saw his audition, and I saw Katharine as the runner-up the moment I saw her audition. I never saw Elliot’s audition, but I was pleased with how far he went because I like his voice. I like Taylor’s unique style, but I must say I was surprised. I have Daughtry’s CD. I love it.

Anyway, I’ll be watching American Idol eagerly, to see if I get it right or wrong this year. One cool thing about the show is that it’s always full of surprises.

Oh, and Heroes is my absolute favorite show.


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