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American Idol predictions 2.

Well, I cannot say I was surprised at who went home last week. Although they weren’t the people I predicted would go home, it made sense. I had actually forgotten about three of them. So, there you have it. Forgettable is definitely not good.

This week, the men did so much better. It was an enjoyable show to watch. Sundance was back in all his glory, and was superb. I really like Chris, and he sang very well. Blake was great too. He is one of my favorite guys–totally original, and very pop. Those were my three favorite performances.

Aside from those, Phil and A.J. also did well. Brandon and Nick have nice voices, but Brandon was a little too introspective with his performance and Nick may get lost in the shuffle. I think Sanjaya’s performance was, again, the weakest of the bunch, but he’s a likable kid with a good deal of charm, so he may escape elimination again. Jared’s good looks may save him as well.

My prediction is that although Phil and A.J. both sang well, neither is safe. Nick is also not safe. I believe the two that go home will come out of that group.

As for the ladies, this is such a strong group. Lakeisha, Melinda, Stephanie, Jordin, Sabrina, Gina–that’s over half the group that’s singing well. Melinda’s performance was my favorite of the night.

The girls that should have gone home last week, Antonella and Alaina, will, I think, be saved by their looks this week. I’ll be surprised if Leslie and Haley don’t go home tomorrow.


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