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Performances abound.

Although I have not posted many updates about preparations for recitals/concerts lately, that is not to say that things have not been going well. The Joyful Noise Chorus continues to impress me with how quickly they are learning fairly complicated music (a Gershwin medley and two show tunes). I know that the Spring Concert on 4 May will be a huge success, and people will be talking about the chorus all summer.

Likewise, my ladies in Show Choir at Master’s Academy are preparing a lovely medley from “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” Though there are no young men in the choir, it’s hardly a handicap. These ladies are going to rip it up next month at the end of the year showcase, and I know everyone in the audience will leave entertained and extremely impressed by the caliber of talent that we have.

Then there are my babies at the RIM. All of my students have worked super-hard this year, and I am so excited for them to share with everyone what they have accomplished. Our first ever Spring Recital is next month, date TBA (found out that the date that I requested at the venue is already taken). They have all made me so proud, and they should each feel a great sense of achievement for the work they have done. Kudos to all of you!

I also have a few things in the works for this summer. More on that later.


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