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American Idol woes 7.

Well, I was just walking in the door at 9:26 this evening, after being gone all day. I should have posted my predictions yesterday. Lesson learned.

I thought that the bottom three would be Haley, Phil, and Sanjaya, with Haley or Phil possibly going home. I did not feel that Sanjaya was in any danger for obvious reasons. And now, after seeing him dodge the bottom three for the third(?) week in a row, I’m thinking Phil, Haley, and Justin-Timberlake-Chris will all leave before he does!

Having said all of that, I must say that I was really sad to see Gina go. Hers was a much better performance than Haley’s last night. Haley was definitely “pageant-y” (Simon was right) and though I don’t think the voters got it right (AGAIN), I cannot say that I am surprised. I even thought right before Ryan Seacrest gave the verdict that it would probably be Gina, just because that’s how the show has been going this year. Sigh.

I was really tempted to stop watching after last week, but then I thought, why stop? I still enjoy watching the good singers perform, so why not keep being entertained by their talent? So, I will continue with the predictions. And though they most likely won’t be right, they will be what SHOULD happen.    🙂


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