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American Idol predictions 8.

I can’t say that I was really excited about any of the performances tonight. They all just struck me as a bit bland. Blake’s was the best, in my opinion. He is just so suave, and he chose a great song for his voice.

As for the worst, I have to say that for me it was Sanjaya. Again. Of course, I doubt he will go home tomorrow, especially considering the judges comments were less than scathing for the first time. I’ll actually be surprised if he’s even in the bottom three.

Haley’s performance was poor, so I think she will be in the bottom again, along with Phil. He’s been flirting with elimination quite a bit. That leaves all of the really strong singers. I can’t see Melinda or Lakisha being in the bottom; therefore, if Sanjaya is not in the bottom three either Chris or Jordin will have to be (though neither of them deserves to be–they both sang really well).

I think it’s Haley’s time to finally go home, though her looks may save her. Phil’s looks cannot save him, so I think he will probably leave before her.

Again, Sanjaya should leave before either of them.


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