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American Idol predictions 9.

Okay. Here’s my rundown of the performances tonight, in order from best to worst:

  • Jordin
  • Phil
  • Melinda
  • Blake
  • Chris
  • Lakisha
  • Sanjaya

So I believe Chris, Lakisha, and Sanjaya will be the bottom three. Neither Chris nor Lakisha sang poorly; however, the judges comments were spot on for everyone tonight, and as I think their comments do carry some weight, Chris and Lakisha are in the bottom.

I do not think either of them are in any danger of leaving. At least they shouldn’t be.

I also will be surprised if these aren’t the bottom three, as no one else really deserves to be, given their performance. Jordin really hit it out of the park tonight, with Phil close behind. Melinda was the consummate performer, and Blake managed to do country Blake-style, and it worked for him.

Who should go home? I’ll quote my husband:

“I think the bottom three should be Sanjaya, Sanjaya, and Sanjaya.”

On a more serious note, I applaud all of them for even keeping it together enough to sing (especially Chris, being from Virginia), in the wake of such tragedy. It’s like going on to do the show on September 12 or something. There is enough grief and sorrow to go around, and I can imagine it may have been a little tricky getting through tonight when everyone’s minds are on what happened at Virginia Tech. My heart aches for the families and friends affected by this awful event, and my prayers are with you.

Going to bed now.


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