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Hi Ladies!

So, remember I told you I would post my thoughts on how to make the medley better? Well, here they are.

First of all, let me applaud you all for learning your music quickly and remembering what we go over from week to week. Having a group that’s pretty self-sufficient in regards to work and practice makes my job a lot easier, and more fun. You all are doing a wonderful job in that regard.

That being said, your expression is about as exciting as pond water.

And I say that lovingly.  🙂

Everything needs to be energized, and in character. Erin needs to really sing like Elvis. Coco and Dassy need to sing like Jamaicans. All of you need to sound like country bumpkins in the “One More Angel…” song. And the beginning, well, needs a charge from a defibrillator.

In short, the music itself is not the problem. You’ve got it. You just need to work it so that it is something that people will want to watch and listen to.

Think about how to do that, and we will talk about it and see what you’ve come up with on Monday. Love you guys!



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  Julie wrote @

I agreeeee, and I am speaking FOR MYSELF. Most definitely pond water. We need to PEP it up. ENERGYYYYYYYYYY!

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