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American Idol predictions 10.

Yay! We can get back to watching a singing competition!

Everyone did well tonight, in my opinion. It will, therefore, be difficult to say who should go home. I think if I were to rank the performances tonight, I would put Jordin, Melinda, and Phil in the top half. That, of course, leaves Blake, Lakisha, and Chris in the bottom half.

See the trouble? The bottom half sang well too.

So who do I think will come to the end of their road?

I’m going to predict Lakisha. Shockingly.

Only because the judges comments were less glowing toward her than toward Chris and Blake. I think she and Blake will be the bottom two. That isn’t to say that they are not as capable as the others. Lakisha held her own singing a very difficult song originally done by Fantasia, and Blake gave a super-sensitive and charming performance of THE classic John Lennon song, “Imagine.” Though they both turned in perfectly respectable performances, at this point I think the judges comments will be carrying more weight and influence with voters. Ergo, Lakisha’s departure. Possibly.

I’ll be sad to see any of them go.


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