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American Idol predictions 11.

Cool. Good night of performances.

Phil sang as well as he did on country night, which was great. It was a big power song, but he still managed to sound relaxed as he did it. He seemed right at home singing Bon Jovi.

Lakisha! She’s back in all her splendor! Excellent performance. (And I loved her comment about how she’s heard of Bon Jovi thanks to seeing him on Oprah! lol)

And Melinda. In all her Tina-Turner-ish goodness. What can be said about her that hasn’t already been said by everyone? She’s anointed.

Even these three powerhouse performances couldn’t top, in my opinion, the best display of originality, creativity, and talent of the night: Blake.

Simon’s comment for him was spot-on. Blake’s performance will be loved by some, hated by others. I loved it. What a re-mix! The bit at the beginning where he made the sounds of a record being put on a turntable and starting was ingenious. A truly incredible creative mind he has, and not to mention a smooth, pleasant,  almost crooning voice that is reminiscent of Jamiroquai and a little Maroon 5.


Jordin didn’t do great, but she’s still great, and she still has some momentum from her emotionally-charged performance last week, I think.

Who will go home? That’s a tough call, but I think that since it’s tonight’s results coupled with last week’s, the unsafe ones are Phil, Lakisha, and Chris. It may be Phil and Chris’ swan song.

I could be wrong. I have been before.



  Jeanette wrote @

When I saw Blake’s new look (I haven’t watched for a while, so it’s new to me) and saw what he was doing with that song, I swooned.

And Melinda! Oh Lord Melinda…she was perfect. She’s got it. And what’s so cute is how shy she comes across when she’s not performing. So endearing.

I definitely was in “church” when she and Lakisha sang. I just love women who can sing like that.

  npbradshaw wrote @

i totally agree. there’s nothing like a powerful voice that gets your attention and makes you take notice.

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