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American Idol predictions 12.

After a pretty good show last week, this week’s show left me a little deflated. The song choices were not all that great, and the finalists did not sing at their best.

…Well, Melinda did. She was great vocally, as usual, but her first song was pretty boring. The second song was much better, but still not all that exciting. Nevertheless, I think she’s a shoe-in for the semi-finals.

The other shoe-in is Jordin. Her first song was the best performance of the night, and although she seemed to be yelling in the second song, I don’t think that will hurt her at all. She has been solid throughout the competition, and her consistency has been second only to Melinda’s.

That leaves Blake and Lakisha.


I like both of them, and I hate to see either of them go, but I am going to predict that we’ll be saying goodbye to Lakisha. She just about lost her voice at the end there, and she has no teeny-bopping fans or hip beat-box gimmicks to save her. Blake’s performances might not have been the greatest, but they still weren’t bad and he’s got the coolness factor going for him.

Love the Bee-Gees!


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  titus2woman wrote @

I’m rootin’ for Melinda! LOVE HER! and she looks like my neighbor and dear friend…. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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