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American Idol highlights.

What a great elimination show!

What was really cool was that no one was eliminated. I was really happy to see that. Of course, that means that TWO people are going home next week, but at least we get another week to see all six of these performers who did so well on Tuesday.

As for the whole “Idol Gives Back” part of the show, I really enjoyed the performances. Kelly Clarkson was great. I’m not really big on Il Devo. I think Josh Groban is a better singer, and I was glad to see him on the show. He gave a moving performance with that young choir.  The Celine Dion/Elvis duet was pretty ingenious. My husband marveled at that. (“It’s live TV!”) And Annie Lennox! Love her. Bono at the end was pretty cool too.

That was an entertaining show for sure. Kudos to the producers for putting it together.


American Idol predictions 10.

Yay! We can get back to watching a singing competition!

Everyone did well tonight, in my opinion. It will, therefore, be difficult to say who should go home. I think if I were to rank the performances tonight, I would put Jordin, Melinda, and Phil in the top half. That, of course, leaves Blake, Lakisha, and Chris in the bottom half.

See the trouble? The bottom half sang well too.

So who do I think will come to the end of their road?

I’m going to predict Lakisha. Shockingly.

Only because the judges comments were less glowing toward her than toward Chris and Blake. I think she and Blake will be the bottom two. That isn’t to say that they are not as capable as the others. Lakisha held her own singing a very difficult song originally done by Fantasia, and Blake gave a super-sensitive and charming performance of THE classic John Lennon song, “Imagine.” Though they both turned in perfectly respectable performances, at this point I think the judges comments will be carrying more weight and influence with voters. Ergo, Lakisha’s departure. Possibly.

I’ll be sad to see any of them go.

Criteria for juries.


We’re three weeks away from juries! All of your hard work and practice will culminate in two minutes that will decide your fate as a singer!

I’m kidding, of course.

But seriously, here are the nine criteria on which you will be judged:

  1. Attire
  2. Memorization
  3. Presentation
  4. Diction
  5. Tone Quality
  6. Pitch
  7. Phrasing
  8. Rhythm

See you next week! Have a great weekend!


The Joseph medley.

Hi Ladies!

So, remember I told you I would post my thoughts on how to make the medley better? Well, here they are.

First of all, let me applaud you all for learning your music quickly and remembering what we go over from week to week. Having a group that’s pretty self-sufficient in regards to work and practice makes my job a lot easier, and more fun. You all are doing a wonderful job in that regard.

That being said, your expression is about as exciting as pond water.

And I say that lovingly.  🙂

Everything needs to be energized, and in character. Erin needs to really sing like Elvis. Coco and Dassy need to sing like Jamaicans. All of you need to sound like country bumpkins in the “One More Angel…” song. And the beginning, well, needs a charge from a defibrillator.

In short, the music itself is not the problem. You’ve got it. You just need to work it so that it is something that people will want to watch and listen to.

Think about how to do that, and we will talk about it and see what you’ve come up with on Monday. Love you guys!


American Idol predictions 9.

Okay. Here’s my rundown of the performances tonight, in order from best to worst:

  • Jordin
  • Phil
  • Melinda
  • Blake
  • Chris
  • Lakisha
  • Sanjaya

So I believe Chris, Lakisha, and Sanjaya will be the bottom three. Neither Chris nor Lakisha sang poorly; however, the judges comments were spot on for everyone tonight, and as I think their comments do carry some weight, Chris and Lakisha are in the bottom.

I do not think either of them are in any danger of leaving. At least they shouldn’t be.

I also will be surprised if these aren’t the bottom three, as no one else really deserves to be, given their performance. Jordin really hit it out of the park tonight, with Phil close behind. Melinda was the consummate performer, and Blake managed to do country Blake-style, and it worked for him.

Who should go home? I’ll quote my husband:

“I think the bottom three should be Sanjaya, Sanjaya, and Sanjaya.”

On a more serious note, I applaud all of them for even keeping it together enough to sing (especially Chris, being from Virginia), in the wake of such tragedy. It’s like going on to do the show on September 12 or something. There is enough grief and sorrow to go around, and I can imagine it may have been a little tricky getting through tonight when everyone’s minds are on what happened at Virginia Tech. My heart aches for the families and friends affected by this awful event, and my prayers are with you.

Going to bed now.

Electric toddler boogaloo.

Check out this two year-old kid breakdancing! Pretty cute, not to mention amazing.

American Idol predictions 8.

I can’t say that I was really excited about any of the performances tonight. They all just struck me as a bit bland. Blake’s was the best, in my opinion. He is just so suave, and he chose a great song for his voice.

As for the worst, I have to say that for me it was Sanjaya. Again. Of course, I doubt he will go home tomorrow, especially considering the judges comments were less than scathing for the first time. I’ll actually be surprised if he’s even in the bottom three.

Haley’s performance was poor, so I think she will be in the bottom again, along with Phil. He’s been flirting with elimination quite a bit. That leaves all of the really strong singers. I can’t see Melinda or Lakisha being in the bottom; therefore, if Sanjaya is not in the bottom three either Chris or Jordin will have to be (though neither of them deserves to be–they both sang really well).

I think it’s Haley’s time to finally go home, though her looks may save her. Phil’s looks cannot save him, so I think he will probably leave before her.

Again, Sanjaya should leave before either of them.