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The advent of Homeschool Chorus is upon us.

Our first year went surprisingly well. I say “surprisingly” because our group was so small by the time the Spring Concert rolled around (with people out of town, others not being able to make it, etc.). That Spring Concert managed to be even better than the Fall one, and the Fall one was great. How awesome is that?

Hopefully we will have a larger group this year, but even with a small one, I am looking forward to doing some great music. Maybe a couple of madrigals, some showtunes from cool shows, and we will definitely throw in some more jazz. Jazz is essential.

I am also looking forward to seeing what kind of solo talent we have. I sang a solo at the Spring Concert last year (at the request of my students), but I want to showcase as much talent as I can from my choristers. Unless everyone is shy, in which case, I guess I’ll have to sing again.


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